How Do I Start Using Stackable Premium?

Stackable Premium is the paid version of Stackable that unlocks more features, more options and design choices, making it easier and faster for you to create professional designs. Stackable Premium customers can also email us to get premium technical support.

If you want to know the specific differences between the free and premium versions, we have a detailed comparison table on

How Do I Purchase Stackable Premium?

Go to to choose the Premium plan best-suited for you. Click Buy Now and fill up the necessary information in the pop-up. Once you finalize your order, you will receive an email from us with the download link for the plugin alongside your license key.

I Just Purchased, How Do I Download Stackable Premium?

There are different ways to download the Stackable Premium plugin -

1. Through the "Thank You" Email

  • The first place to look for Stackable Premium is through the “Thanks for Upgrading” email we sent you when you first became our customer. A download link for the plugin is sent through this email.

2. Through your WordPress Site Admin

  • If you have the free version of Stackable installed and activated, on your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Stackable > Account.
  • Enter in your license key, and you should be able to see your account details.
  • Click the Download Professional Version button to download the Premium plugin

3. Through Your Account in the Stackable Website

  • Head over to and log into your account. If you don’t know what your login credentials are, we sent them to you in our “Thank you for Upgrading” email. If you can’t find that email, use the email address you used to purchase Stackable and you can also reset your password if needed.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the Downloads area on the side menu and you should be able to find the Premium plugin from there.

How Do I Get My License Key?

  • Check for the license key in the “Thanks for Upgrading” email we sent you when you first became our customer.
  • You can also find it by logging in to your Stackable account. Once you have logged in, go to the Licenses area on the side menu and you should be able to find your license key from there.
  • To activate your license, you will need to upload the Stackable Premium in your plugins. After uploading, you need to deactivate the free version then activate the Stackable Premium. After doing this, you will see a prompt that will ask for your license key. You can enter it in the field.

I Have Another Question That Isn't Listed Here

If your question isn't listed here, we have more FAQs and information in our documentation page.