Adding Stackable Blocks

This tutorial will teach you how to add Stackable Blocks to your posts or pages. This tutorial is meant for beginners to WordPress and first-time users.

  • Adding Stackable blocks will allow you to use more complex and useful blocks within the Stackable block library.
  • Adding Stackable blocks lets you choose blocks with different functions using various layouts and block elements.

How to Add Stackable Blocks

When editing a post or page, click the Insert Block (+) button. This will open the list of available blocks.

Scroll down until you see the Stackable label followed by all the Stackable blocks.

Click on a block that you want to use.

Stackable blocks are easy to find – just look for the Stackable icons in the pink and orange gradient.

After clicking the icon, the Stackable block will be added to your post or page.

As an example, here we added a Hero Block:

You can also add a block by clicking on the plus sign (+) button that shows up at the bottom right side of the content editor. Once you click it, you can select the block you want to add from the drop down menu.

A shortcut would be to type a slash "/" into the text field, then typing the specific block you want to add.

Finally, another way to add a block is through Stackable's Design Library.

Navigate to the Design Library then click on Block Designs to see the pre-made block designs organized by function.

Keep on adding as many Stackable blocks as needed and easily build your perfect website. Enjoy! 🤟