Customizing Blocks

Adding or Changing Text

  • Click the section of the Stackable block where you want to add your text and delete the placeholder text.
  • The placeholder text will be grayed out when it is already deleted.
  • Type in your own text.

Modifying Text Colors

  • Modify text colors in the inspector.
  • Navigate to the Style tab and scroll to the Typography settings.
  • In the Text Color settings section, choose the color you want to change the text to.
  • You can select colors from the palette or use the custom color picker.

  •  You can also change the text color or highlight selected text from the Toolbar.

Adding an Image

You can add images in block areas where you see a placeholder image icon.

  • Click on block that you want to edit.
  • Click the placeholder image icon where you want to add your image to open the Select or Upload Media popup window.
  • Upload the image you want to use by either (1) dropping files into the Select or Upload Media pop-up or (2) clicking the Select File button.
  • The image you upload will be added to the Media Library.
  • Make sure the image you want is checked, then click the Select button.

  • Your image will then appear in your Stackable block
We are using the Image block as an example here.

Adding an Image or Video as Background

For all Stackable blocks, you can add a background by enabling the Background setting in the Style tab.

There are also Stackable blocks that have a Container Background setting in the Style tab. Make sure to toggle on the Container setting first in the Layout tab.

Click on the Background Image or Video icon to add an image or video to your background.

What are Block Backgrounds and Container Backgrounds?