Customizing Blocks

Adding or Changing Text

  • Click on the part of the Stackable block where you want to add your text and delete the placeholder text.
  • The placeholder text will be grayed out when it is already deleted.
  • Type in your own text.
  • Modifying Text Colors

  • Modify text colors in the inspector.
  • Navigate to the Style tab and scroll to the Typography settings.
  • In the Text Color settings section, choose the color you want to change the text to.
  • You can select colors from the palette or use the custom color picker.
    •  You can also change the text color or highlight selected text form the tool bar.

    Adding an Image

    • You can add images in block areas where you see a placeholder image icon.

  • Click on block that you want to edit.
  • Click the placeholder image icon where you want to add your image to open the Select or Upload Media pop-up.
  • Upload the image you want to use by either (1) dropping files into the Select or Upload Media pop-up or (2) clicking the Select File button.
  • The image you upload will be added to the Media Library.
  • Make sure the image you want is checked, then click the Select button.
    • Your image will then appear in your Stackable block

    We are using the Image block as an example here

    Adding an Image or Video as Background

    • For all Stackable Blocks, you can add a background by enabling the Block tab > Background

    • There are also Stackable blocks that has a Style tab > Container Background.

    • Click the image icon in the background setting to add an image or video to your background.