Premium VS Free

Explore the differences

Stackable Free gives you a lot of tools that you need to build your website. Upgrading to Stackable Premium unlocks the full potential of Stackable, adding even more options and tools, making it easier and faster for you to create professional designs.

Here are the most notable differences between Premium and Free:

Unlock Advanced Options

Every Stackable block is robust and contains hundreds of block attributes. Stackable Premium provides you with more advanced options for those that want to further customize their blocks. More Block Layouts, Advanced Column Spacing options and Custom CSS are among some of the advanced options you will get with Premium.

Guided Custom CSS

Unlock the Entire Design Library

Stackable Free's Design Library already has dozens of designs to choose from. Stackable Premium on the other hand provides you with hundreds more design library options.

Design Library

One-on-One Email Customer Support

If you need technical assistance, we're here to help! Premium users can just send us an email and we'll help you out as soon as we can.

Visit this page for a detailed comparison of Stackable Free and Premium. 👍