How to Enable and Disable Blocks

Enabling/disabling Stackable blocks allows you to choose which Stackable blocks you can access and use when editing your pages and posts.

  • Enabled Stackable blocks will appear in the Add Block Pop-up under the Stackable Drawer.
  • Disabled Stackable blocks will NOT appear in the Add Block Pop-up.
  • Disabling Stackable blocks will NOT affect blocks that you previously added to your post or page. These blocks will continue to work on your posts or pages unless you manually remove them.

Stackable Blocks

Stackable has 3 categories of blocks, and you can choose which blocks to use to fit your specific work flow.

Essential Blocks - All the necessary blocks you need to help get you started as you build your website

Special Blocks - These blocks all have a special functionality that will allow you to create distinctive designs

Section Blocks - For a faster workflow, these blocks are a combination of our Essential blocks and act as template to help you build sections effortlessly

How To Do It

  • Navigate to Settings > Stackable in your WordPress admin.
  • Click the Settings tab
  • Toggle between Enable / Disable block settings for each Stackable block

  •  There are also controls for enabling and disabling all Stackable block