Plugin Requirements

Stackable is part of the new ecosystem that WordPress has created with the advent of the WordPress Block Editor. The following system requirements will be needed to make sure that you can run Stackable at its optimum performance.

WordPress Version

WordPress 5.3 and above

WordPress Theme

Your WordPress theme must be Gutenberg ready.

PHP Version

PHP 5.3 or greater


For Editing Pages: While you can use any browser to edit pages using Stackable, it is recommended that you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

For Displaying Pages: You can also use any browser to display pages made with Stackable. However, note that since IE is an older browser, it might not employ the technology to properly support Stackable to display all aspects of the pages correctly.


It is ideal to edit with Stackable using desktop computers and laptops.

While editing with mobile is technically possible, it is not recommended since it will be hard to make sure that your design will be implemented properly. Designing through your mobile for different screen resolutions will be very difficult.

Web Hosting

Stackable can be used with any web host