What Files, Scripts and Styles Are Loaded in the Frontend?

Stackable is very lightweight, built for superior speed, performance so you can achieve high Core Web Vitals.

Stackable has zero bloat, doesn't use jQuery and has no other dependencies. Most loaded files by Stackable are only loaded when specific features or blocks are used. Also, currently all third-party libraries we used are all custom built to bring the most speed.

Loading Performance

  • If you don't have any Stackable blocks or features in your page, these are loaded*:
    • 0kb CSS
    • 0kb JS
  • If you use Stackable blocks/features, in Stackable free, these are loaded:
    • 6.4kb of CSS
    • 0kb of JS
  • If you use Stackable blocks/features, In Stackable premium, these are loaded:
    • 7.8kb of CSS
    • 0kb of JS
  • Other scripts and CSS files are loaded only when the corresponding feature/block is used in the page (e.g. Motion Effects, Video Popup, etc)

*There's a tiny one line of JS included in the footer that's necessary for some styling to show properly.

Version 2

Minified and GZIPed Stackable Free loads 2 files in the frontend:

  • One Javascript 11kb~
  • One CSS 10kb~

Stackable Premium version loads an additional 2 files:

  • One additional Javascript 1kb~
  • One additional CSS 9kb