How to Turn Off Stackable from FTP

If for some reason you are unable to login to your site's admin portal, you can turn off Stackable from FTP.

In order to access the backend, you'll have to disable the plugin first via FTP. These are the steps to do so:

  • Log into your site via FTP
  • Navigate to wp-content/plugins/
  • The Stackable plugin folder name should look like stackable-ultimate-gutenberg-blocks-premium
  • Rename it by adding an underscore ( _ ) to the beginning. This would deactivate it.
    • _stackable-ultimate-gutenberg-blocks-premium
  • Log into your site

After it's been disabled, you need to go to your Dashboard, and then Updates. From there, click the "Check again" button so that you can grab the latest version of Stackable. After you are able to log into WordPress again, you'll need to use FTP to rename back the folder.