How to use Stackable Custom Fields

This feature is only available in Stackable Premium

What is Custom Fields?

Stackable Custom Fields allows you to add small pieces of content such as your contact email, phone number, and more which you can then use across your website. Custom Fields can be used anywhere that you can use Dynamic Content (image sources, text or button links).

Only the administrator (the person who has manage_options privileges) can add or remove Custom Fields. You can assign other roles (e.g. the Editor) as "Managers" for the Custom Fields

  • Managers can access the "Fields" menu in their WordPress dashboards
  • Managers can change the values of Custom Fields

You can disable Custom Fields fully if you don't need them

Enabling Custom Fields

To enable Stackable Custom Fields, just navigate to the Stackable Settings in the WordPress dashboard. From there, you will see the Custom Fields settings wherein you can toggle it on to enable it.

Once you have enabled it and refreshed the page, you will see the Fields tab in your dashboard. 

How to Add Stackable Custom Fields

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Fields.

Click Add Field and fill it up accordingly.

You can add fields of the following types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Url
  • Date
  • Time

How to Populate Your Custom Fields

Once you've added a few custom fields, you will need to assign values to them. The "Managers" you've assigned would be able to input values as well.

Click on Save Changes to save the values.

Using Custom Fields in Your Content

You can use your Custom Fields in your blocks as Dynamic Content.

After adding all the content you need in the Custom Fields, navigate to any of your pages with the blocks you want to use your Custom Fields as Dynamic Content.

You can find the fields that you created under the Site source area. Whenever you update your Custom Fields, your new values should reflect automatically in your website.

Using Dynamic Content