How to Use Conditional Display

This feature is only available in Stackable Premium

What is Conditional Display

Conditional Display allows you to assign conditions to every block, which when fulfilled will show or hide the block in the frontend.

You have the option to:

  • Assign whether to hide or show any block when the conditions are met
  • Use one or multiple conditions together for more complex needs
  • Choose whether ALL or ANY of your conditions should be met before showing a block

Current supported conditions:

  • Login Status
  • Role
  • Date & Time
  • Custom PHP
  • Conditional Tag
  • Query String
  • Post Meta
  • Site Option
  • Post IDs
  • Post Type
  • Post Taxonomy

How to Use Conditional Display

Select your chosen block, and navigate to the Advanced Tab in the inspector where you will see the Conditional Display tab.

Once you click on the Conditional Display tab, you will see the Visibility settings where you can choose between hiding or showing your block when the conditions are met.

If you want to add a condition, just click on the Add New Condition button, and a Condition Type section will appear. This is where you can select from our various supported conditions.

You can add as many conditions as you'd like and assign whether ALL of the conditions should be met, or ANY one of them.