How to Collapse Columns in Tablet and Mobile

This article will show you Stackable's column settings and how you can easily control the way they collapse in different devices. 

You have full control over how columns collapse across devices. If you have a 4-column layout in desktop, you can turn it into a 1-column layout on tablet, or a 2-column layout on mobile. It will be completely up to you.

How to Collapse Columns in Tablet and Mobile

To adjust how columns collapse, preview the editor in tablet or mobile.

While in tablet or mobile preview, each column's width can be adjusted from 0% to 100% by simply dragging the column's side.

To collapse columns, adjust each column to be wider, and you'll force the other columns to collapse below.

To place columns side by side in smaller screens, you can adjust columns to be narrower (for example, adjust 2 columns 50% and 50%), and if the columns fit into a single row, they'll get displayed side by side.

To make editing more convenient, columns widths can snap to 25%, 33.33% and 50% widths. You can also hold down shift to be able to snap at every 10% width for a much smoother and finer tuned editing experience. 🥳

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