How to Use Stackable Wireframes

What are Wireframes?

A wireframe is basically the blueprint of your design and is a graphic representation of your website's skeletal framework.

Its goal is to help you establish the structure and placement of your designs without the extra elements such as the buttons, images, and content.

Using Wireframes in Stackable

Click on the  Design Library button on the top of the Block Editor. This will open the Stackable Design Library, which contains the UI Kits and Wireframes.

Once you open the Design Library, you will find the Wireframes tab. From there, you can browse through our library of wireframes which you may filter by section categories.

Afterwards, just click on any wireframe you prefer from the Design Library and it will be added to your page.

One of the best parts is that our wireframes are responsive-ready. You can preview them in tablet and mobile view, and the wireframes would automatically adjust accordingly.

Once you or your client is satisfied with the draft of your wireframe, you can carry on with adding design to the wireframe like you would with regular blocks.