How to Enable Full Site Editing (FSE)

What is Full Site Editing (FSE) ?

Full Site Editing (FSE) allows you to edit all elements of a WordPress website using the Block Editor, including the headers, footers, sidebars, and other elements.

How to Enable Full Site Editing

❗ Note that Full Site Editing is only available if you are using a Block Theme.

A Block Theme is a WordPress theme with templates made up of blocks. An example of this would be the default Twenty Twenty Two theme.

To see which themes support FSE, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Themes page
  2. Click the Add New button
  3. Click Feature filter
  4. Select Full Site Editing in the Features column and click the Apply Filters button.

All the themes that appear should be compatible with FSE.

With Block Themes, you can design all aspects of your website such as your theme and widgets in the Site Editor. The Site Editor allows you to edit themes using new features like the Styles interface and Template editing.

Once you’ve activated a Block Theme, you could navigate to the Site Editor which could be found in the Appearance tab of your dashboard, and then Editor.

This basically opens up the full site editing mode, where you could modify templates, set global styles, edit navigation menus, and more. 👍

How to Use Stackable Blocks in Headers and Footers

How to use Stackable Blocks in Page Templates in FSE

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