How to Display Metabox Custom Fields Using Stackable Blocks

Dynamic Content is a Stackable Premium feature

You can use Metabox custom fields as Dynamic Sources with Stackable's Dynamic Content feature. This integration will allow you to display your Metabox custom field content inside Stackable blocks and native blocks.

Metabox Custom Fields Set Up

Before using Metabox with Stackable blocks, you will first need to make sure that your Metabox Custom Fields are set up already.

You can either set it up with the Online Generator or the Metabox Builder Extension. You can check these Metabox resources for more information on how to do this.

Make sure that your custom fields are populated in your posts.

Displaying Metabox Custom Fields Using Stackable Blocks

Once you create a new post, add any block and display the custom field content you created by following these steps:

  • Highlight the text where you want the custom field to be displayed
  • Click on the Dynamic Content (database) icon
  • Select the Dynamic Source

  • Select the Field under the Metabox section.

    You can scroll down to the Metabox section, or simply type the label of the field.

Afterwards, you will see the dynamic field that you added. Every time you edit or update the custom fields, it will automatically update on the blocks as well. 

Dynamic Fields for Block Image Sources

You can also use Dynamic Fields for block image sources by adding the Stackable Image or Image Box block then selecting the Dynamic Source you are getting the data from. Once you’ve selected that, you will find the Image field you created using Metabox in the field option.