How to Use Lightbox with the Stackable Image Block

You will need a third party Lightbox plugin to be able to do this

If you want to add the lightbox effect to your Stackable Image block, then you can do so by installing and activating any third party lightbox plugin. 

Using Lightbox with Stackable

Once you have activated a lightbox plugin, you can easily use it with Stackable’s Image block. In this example, we are using the Simple Lightbox plugin - but the process should be somewhat similar with other plugins.

To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Add the Stackable Image block, or any block which consists the Image block
  • When selecting the image, copy the image’s File URL

  • Select the Image block and navigate to the Style tab where you will see the Link panel
  • Paste the File URL in the Link/URL field and press enter

  • View the page in the frontend and click on the image to see the lightbox effect