My Layout Changed with WP Rocket

If you are experiencing layout issues with Stackable blocks in your site and you have the WP Rocket plugin activated, there is a chance that this is being caused by the Minify CSS Files setting in WP Rocket.

Navigate to the WP Rocket Settings in your WordPress dashboard, and go to File Optimization. From there, you will see the Minify CSS Files setting. If it is enabled, this is possibly what’s causing the layout issues with our blocks.

There are 2 ways to fix this issue:

Disable to Minify CSS Settings

  • Stackable blocks’ CSS is already minified, so the option provided by WP Rocket is just an additional.

Add a URL of the CSS File in the Exclude CSS Files Field

  • Add /wp-content/plugins/stackable-(.*) to the Exclude CSS Files field when you enable the Minify CSS files setting.