How to Use Stackable’s Lightbox Feature

A Lightbox is a popup window that appears over your page to show an image or other type of media. The background of the page is typically dimmed so your website visitors can focus on the content displayed in the Lightbox.

Stackable’s Lightbox supports links to images, videos, YouTube, Vimeo, and webpages that allow embedding.

Using Stackable’s Lightbox Feature

The Lightbox feature in Stackable is available in 2 ways:

  1. Image blocks
  2. Blocks that can be linked, such as the Image and Image Box blocks, Video Popup, Button, Icon, and Columns blocks

To apply the Lightbox effect on an Image block, toggle on the Lightbox setting in the Style tab under the Image panel after selecting your image.

This will automatically enable the feature once you view your page in the frontend.

To apply the Lightbox effect on the other blocks, select the Inner Column block and navigate to the Advanced tab. Open the Link panel and you will find an option to Open Link in Lightbox.

Using Lightbox with an Image Box

To use Lightbox with an Image Box, add an image, then toggle on the Lightbox setting in the Advanced tab of the Image Box block.

Lightbox Gallery

For your photos to appear as a gallery in Lightbox when clicked, the blocks will need to be arranged next to each other.

Toggle on the Lightbox setting for each Image or Inner Column and your photos will open up in a Lightbox gallery.

Using Lightbox with a Button block

To use Lightbox with a Button block, go to the Style tab of the Button block then enter the link of your chosen media in the Link / URL field under the Link panel.

Lightbox is a fresh new feature on Stackable that can make your content more interactive and engaging 🤩