Translate the Stackable Plugin Manually

To translate the Stackable plugin, you will need some translation software or service that supports gettext.

Here’s the general process for translating the Stackable plugin to another language:

  1. Open the stackable-ultimate-gutenberg-blocks.pot file provided with the plugin. You can find it in the languages folder, or you can download it directly from here.
  2. Add your translations to another language
  3. Export or compile your translations into a .po and .mo file
  4. Rename the .po and .mo files into stackable-ultimate-gutenberg-blocks-{language name}-{country-code}
    • For example: stackable-ultimate-gutenberg-blocks-fr_FR.po and for French and France
  5. Place the .po and .mo files into your site’s wp-content/languages/plugins folder

Here are the steps to manually translate the Stackable plugin using Poedit:

One known translation software is Poedit.

Poedit is a user-friendly translation software that allows users to easily edit and manage the translation files of plugins like Stackable.

  1. Download and install Poedit on your computer
  2. Open Poedit and click on "Create new
  3. Find Stackable’s .pot file with the name languages/stackable-ultimate-gutenberg-blocks.pot.
    • This file contains all the translatable text strings used in the plugin.
  4. Select the stackable-ultimate-gutenberg-blocks.pot file
  5. Choose the language you want to translate the Stackable plugin into from the list of available options.
  6. Translate the text strings
    • Poedit will display a list of all the translatable text strings from the Stackable plugin. Go through each string and provide its translation in the selected language.
  7. Save your translations
    • To generate the .mo file, simply click on File > Compile to MO.
  8. Place the .mo and .po files into the languages folder in your plugin: wp-content/languages/plugins folder

Now you will be able to see the translated strings on your site.

With these steps, you can effectively use Poedit to translate the Stackable plugin into different languages, making it accessible to non-English speaking users.

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