Will My Staging Site Count as a Site Activation in My License?

Nope, your staging site, local development site, or tests site won’t be counted as a site in your license.

If you are under a single site license, it should be fine to use your license key in another another site for staging/testing/development purposes as long as the domain matches these:

Here are the Top-level domains that are considered as dev or staging:

  • *.dev

  • *.dev.cc (DesktopServer)

  • *.test

  • *.local

  • *.staging

  • *.example

  • *.invalid

  • *.myftpupload.com (GoDaddy)

  • *.cloudwaysapps.com (Cloudways)

  • *.wpsandbox.pro (WPSandbox)

  • *.ngrok.io (tunneling)

And here are the Subdomains that are considered as dev or staging:

  • local.*

  • dev.*

  • test.*

  • stage.*

  • staging.*

  • stagingN.* (SiteGround; N is an unsigned int)

  • *.wpengine.com (WP Engine)

  • dev-*.pantheonsite.io (Pantheon)

  • test-*.pantheonsite.io (Pantheon)

  • staging-*.kinsta.com (Kinsta)

  • staging-*.kinsta.cloud (Kinsta)

  • *.mystagingwebsite.com (Pressable)

And for localhost:

  • localhost:* (any port)

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