How to Use Block Layouts

This article will help you learn more about block layouts and how to use them.

For some blocks, Stackable gives you the option to pick between different layout variations. Learn more about the basics of Stackable layouts and how you can maximize the benefits of this very cool feature.

What are Layouts?

Layouts are the pre-set placement of different blocks elements for each block. You can think of layouts as the “base” to start you off in designing your blocks.

Here is a Feature block with a default layout. We’ve included an image to make it easier to visualize.

How can I choose a layout?

Choosing the layout that would best fit your website is one of the first steps you will take in designing with Stackable, and it’s very easy.

Some Stackable blocks come with layouts - two layouts are provided in the free version, the premium version unlocks the rest of the layouts. To choose your block layout, add the block you want to use, and a popup will appear wherein you can choose which layout you want to use.

Can I change the layout I originally chose?

Yes, you can always change the layout you’ve chosen even after inputting your block contents with the Layout Switcher. To do this, click on the Reset Layout button in the block's toolbar to go back to the layout picker. Be warned that reseting the block may remove your current changes.

Can I get more layout options?

If you want even more layout options than the two free ones, Stackable Premium will let you choose from more than a hundred of layout options across all Stackable blocks.

Premium Vs Free